Remove the overwhelm - it's time to make SEO understandable and fun!

An interactive training programme that will take you through the whole online visibility journey

Take control of getting your business discoverable in Google and get your website seen by your ideal clients.

Join the programme that is so much more than SEO!

As a busy business owner I know how precious time is and it can feel like a total waste when you spend ages on your website for no-one to see it. I completely understand the level of overhwhelm that you feel with the conflicting priorities, the confusing jargon and the online gurus all spouting about their successes when it comes to marketing your brand.

I have devised this training series to give you the knowledge on how to create a comprehensive online visibility plan that will simplify your overall efforts, streamline activities and create a co-ordinated approach that has your website at the heart of your decsion making. Completing this programme will not only boost your website to get real ranking results, it will transform your whole brand visibility strategy. I really hope you choose to join me and other like minded entrepreneurs on this. 

"I did the first Superstars course and it is the best money I've spent on my business since I started - and I have invested quite a lot on various things. I've not fully implemented everything Pamela taught us as I've a lot to change but 1 product has gone from not ranking at all to ranking on page 2. In my opinion Pamela is freaking awesome and has the patience of a saint."

Natalie Dawson, Awesome Botanical

What is included in the programme:

  • 8 Base Modules designed to give you the most comprehensive introduction to SEO and online visibility delivered weekly in a live training environment - workshop style so you can learn and do

  • 2 Additional Modules on local SEO and E-commerce to help tailor the programme to your business needs and maximise your investment.

  • 2 Website Surgeries, your chance for feedback and to get Pamela's eyes on your website 

  • Weekly Workbooks to help you structure your learning.

  • Toolkits to help you map out, plan and track your progress.

  • A dedicated group to share ideas, experience and ask for advice.

  • Lifetime access to the content.

  • A high quality backlink from submission into the WCS Small Business Showcase


And bonuses like you've never seen before - keep scrolling!

I can't thank you enough Pamela. The course was amazing and I'm getting so many more enquiries through my website now. The hard work is definitely paying off!"

Alison Ralph, Alison Ralph Hypnotherapy


A motivational mindset session with expert coach Shelley Bosworth to help you get your head in the game to get the most out of the programme - worth £249.

A define your brand workshop to help you to understand your ideal client on a deep level, connect with your business values and create compelling messaging - worth £249

2 content brainstorm workshops to help give you inspiration and explore potential keyword phrases and content targets - worth £249

An Instagram masterclass from social media expert Lorna on how to grow your instagram to get more leads and make sales!

What’s included in the training?

Module One - Setting up for success and auditing your own site 

Module Two - Customer journey mapping and site structure optimisation.     

Module Three - Keyword Fundamentals

Module Four - Keyword Planning 

Implementation Week – Live Question and Answer Session

Module Five - Content Basics - How to structure your content and place your keywords 

Module Six - Writing SEO Rich Content

Implementation Week – Live Question and Answer Session

Module Seven - Domain Authority – What is it and how to build it

Module Eight - Backlink Outreach - How to get people to link to your site           

Optional Modules - now included in the one price!

Local SEO – How to optimise for local search and Google My Business

E-Commerce SEO – How to optimise your products website

NEXT WAVE STARTS IN SEPTEMBER It is so much more than SEO...

Come and be part of something special!

No technical wizardry required, all jargon debunked, high energy, high focus and Aunt Mildred on hand to help guide you through the whole programme.

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to get in touch if you have a question that isn't answered here!

First off by getting yourself in the group programme you are already making a commitment to getting more visible which is awesome!! You will be joining a group of like minded business owners that are so friendly and supportive ( and we have good banter which is essential!) who are all looking to get their businesses in front of their ideal clients and build brands which set them apart from all of the competition. 

Over the course of the programme you will learn all of the basics of SEO that will equip and empower you to make changes to your website that will improve your visibility. I can't guarantee results because that comes down to you and your implementation, but I will be there with you every step of the way!

NOOOOOOOOO! There is going to be so much helpful information, training and support in the group that whether you are brand new in business and want to start carving out your brand, or you have been in business for a while and want to elevate it to the next level, this programme will be really inclusive and you do no need to get lost. 

I make all of the training tech and jargon free (or I make the tech and jargon understandable!) and there are two implementation weeks which will allow you to catch up and join a live Q&A with me.

The website surgeries give you the chance to get my eyes on your live website and give you tangible actions too so it will be in the context of your business which always helps!

If you are looking to build your website or have someone designing it for you, this programme will help you with understanding what it takes to get that website seen which means you can build it from an SEO friendly perspective straight away! 

There is an initial “cooling off” period of 14 days after purchase where if for any reason you don’t want to go ahead with the programme.  Then you get a full refund on your purchase.  Once the training has started there will not be the option to get a refund.

Clients who have worked with me previosuly have seen results including getting to page one on Google for their desired keywords, landing high quality PR opportunities, they have had their website sales overtake their Etsy sales, becoming fully booked and winning awards based upon their visibility, and they will openly attribute this to the SEO and online visibility training I have delivered. I have over 40 5* reviews on Google which demonstrate some of the impact working with me has done for small businesses. I don't bullsh*t however, it can be tough to get your business ranking highly if you are in a really competitive market, but I give you all the tools and support to maximise your chances of success.

The answer to the question is - it depends on you! I provide you with the tools, training and support to implement into your business. There are so many factors that determine how a website ranks and what makes a business successful on social media that it would be impossible for me to guarantee results, but what I can guarantee is the highest quality training and support to give you every opportunity to get your business seen by your ideal clients. 

All of the live action takes place in a dedicated facebook group - I will be in there regularly offering support and advice, and there is the weekly live training with me. Live videos are saved into the programme portal and are available to watch on replay at any time.

Workbooks, Resources and Templates will be available 24/7 in the portal which you will have a unique username and password for so you can access whenever and wherever you are. We will notify you in the group when there is new content loaded into the portal too.

Amazing question!! There is so much in this programme that it could be overwhelming - however you have lifetime access to the content so you can always refer back to it! The weekly sessions are 90 minutes long and there are two implementation weeks to allow you to catch up and join the live Q&A sessions

To get individual 1-2-1 time with Pamela you can contact us to look at an additional session (additional cost applies).

You can choose to pay either in full or in 3 monthly payments - I want to make this as accessible as possible for you.

The programme starts on the 17th February (this allows time for the cooling off period and all of the on-boarding)

If you want to get serious about your website and getting it visible - it's time to take action!