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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is always seen as a mystical and mythical world for entrepreneurs - and it can be a minefield to try and find someone to help that doesn't charge the earth or make a bunch of false promises.

Getting your website seen when there are over a trillion websites for the search engines to choose from is a diffcult task - and unfortunately there is no magic wand (there is a wad of cash but there are not many small businesses with this at their disposal) - however there are things that you can do to improve  your websites ranking in google search and drive your traffic for better conversion.

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SEO Beautiful has been designed to give you regular insights, actions and activities to drive the visibility of your website, regardless of your industry or geography.

Packed with information, actions and self-audit tasks that you can do yourself, this group will provide you with support that will make a tangible difference to your business - and it won't break the bank. At just £10 per month this is an investment that will pay signficant dividends for the visibility of your online presence!

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Members Area

Website Basics

Regular discussions on the basics of having a high performing website including domain registrations, hosting, website building platforms and lots of other information.

Content & Imagery

Jargon busting real value add self-audit activities and discussions on how to optimise your content and imagery to bring your website to life and attract your ideal customers. 

Links & Affiliations

Its all about the backlinks baby! We will share resources and how to's on growing the number of backlinks that you can generate to inform search engines that your website is important and should show up in results.

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