Join now and benefit straight away!

Join the group that is so much more than SEO!

The Privilege Membership Group is a jam packed resource which is perfect for any small business owner that is looking to learn how to get their business seen online! 

Join me as your host to benefit from daily support, advice, guidance and official training that is all targeted to getting your business visible and helping you to be successful!

There is no minimum commitment, no tie in and its a really flexible membership - think of it like the Harrods department store of SEO - you can visit as many departments as you like as often as you like!

After endless companies leading us down the "hidden paths" of SEO. Pamela makes it all so straightforward, very manageable and completely achievable! She has good and imaginative ideas on how to keep content relevant and up to date. Swift to respond and charming to boot, we are very grateful for all she has done for Pom Pom. Thank you so much Pamela!"

Cecily Breese, Founder Shop Pom Pom

What is included in the membership:

  • A fully inclusive, supportive and friendly community group
  • Monthly focus areas, challenges and tutorials on specialist areas of digital marketing 
  • Regular live training from me (wine is often needed!)
  • Extensive workbooks on all SEO topics in a no-tech no jargon approach 
  • Access to essential business templates which are ready to use in your business
  • Entry into the Small Business Showcase - a high quality backlink for your business 
  • Guest Experts on specialist topics
  • Monthly Website Surgery sessions to have my eyes on your website so you can ask specific questions
  • Monthly Social Media Surgery sessions to have my eyes on your social media accounts
  • Monthly group charity donations made collectively (we have adopted a Lion for the group!)
  • 15% off any workshops, events, products or services that you choose to buy from Worsley Creative
  • Access to me in the group to ask questions, seek support and get support from the other members!

And so much more! Just £30 a month with no tie in...

I have to say that the SEO Beautiful Privilege Group is one of the best investments I have ever made, for two reasons:

  1. The advice is clear, structured and easy to follow - and gets results. You're never in any doubt about what you need to do next or how to do it. 
  2. Pamela is unfailingly supportive and positive. She is always online when you need her. Above all, you really feel like she's rooting for you to succeed, whether you're someone who has time to be really active in the group, or someone who dips in and out like me. 

Hannah Verrall

What is in the members area?

Added to each week you will find:

  • Keyword planner tools and resources
  • Content Inspiration Guides, Key Dates & a Printable Content Planner
  • Define your brand workbooks
  • Social Media E-Books
  • Mindset Series Reources and workbooks
  • Backlinks Workbooks
  • Business Plan Resources
  • Content Writing Support
  • Templates
  • Helpful Resource Links
  • Trackers
  • Specialist Topic Masterclasses

And more!

  • SEO Beautiful Intro to Backlinks_compressed-1_page-0001
  • CONFIDENCE FINAL PDF_compressed-1_page-0001
  • SEO Beautiful Content Planner cover
  • Google My Business Checklist -1_page-0001
  • SEO Beautiful Define Your Brand Cover
  • SEO Beautiful Vision Board Cover
  • Keyword Cover
  • BVR _compressed (1)-1_page-0001

    You can join now at any time...

    I used to not have the membership open at all times because of the pattern of training and allowing people to get focussed and settled. The group is a wonderful safe environment for you to be in and working on your business and you as an entrepreneur. I want to make sure I protect that environment for everyone, but I also understand that people find me and don't want to have to wait - so now the doors are open and are staying open so I can be as flexible as possible for you!

    There will be a recorded immersion session available where I will be taking you through how everything works and what to expect from the group too.

    It is so much more than SEO...

    Come and be part of something special 

    A community that is fired by the collective purpose of getting visible in a crowded marketplace and nailing that niche without tech, jargon, or any sort of clique!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Feel free to get in touch if you have a question that isn't answered here!

    First off by getting yourself in the group you are already making a commitment to getting more visible which is awesome!! You will be joining a group of like minded business owners that are so friendly and supportive ( and we have good banter which is essential!) who are all looking to get their businesses in front of their ideal clients and build brands which set them apart from all of the competition. 

    There is daily advice and support, weekly live training and every month we focus on a visibility topic which will give you the knowledge to implement into your business. I promise it will be tech and jargon free, and whilst I can't promise world domination or that elusive number one spot on Google overnight, I can help you with getting your business in front of your ideal clients and giving you the tools for success.

    NOOOOOOOOO! There is so much helpful information, training and support in the group that whether you are brand new in business and want to start carving out your brand, or you have been in business for a while and want to elevate it to the next level, this membership is really inclusive and you do no need to get lost. 

    I make all of the training tech and jargon free (or I make the tech and jargon understandable!) and there is over a years worth of content for you to explore - which means you can treat the membership like the Harrods of Online Visibility - visit as many departments or as little departments as you like, as often as you like!

    You don't need a website to get your business visible online. We cover lots of topics which will support your overall digital marketing strategy and there is a heavy focus on content which is useful wherever you are operating online. We spend time covering social media as well as websites and selling platfroms too.

    If you are looking to build your website or have someone designing it for you, this membership will help you with understanding what it takes to get that website seen which means you can build it from an SEO friendly perspective straight away! 

    For the Privilege group there is no minimum commitment or tie in, if you join and find it is not for you then you can cancel your monthly payments anytime.

    For the annual Privilege membership there is a 14 day cooling off period, after which no refunds are possible. 

    Members have seen results including getting to page one on Google for their desired keywords, landing high quality PR opportunities, they have had their website sales overtake their Etsy sales, becoming fully booked and winning awards based open their visibility, and they will openly attribute this to being in the group. I have over 40 5* reviews on Google which demonstrate some of the impact working with me has done for small businesses. I don't bullsh*t however, it can be tough to get your business ranking highly if you are in a really competitive market, but I give you all the tools and support to maximise your chances of success.

    The answer to the question is - it depends on you! I provide you with the tools, training and support to implement into your business. There are so many factors that determine how a website ranks and what makes a business successful on social media that it would be impossible for me to guarantee results, but what I can guarantee is the highest quality training and support to give you every opportunity to get your business seen by your ideal clients. 

    All of the live action takes place in a dedicated facebook group - I am in there every day (with the odd day off!) offering support and advice, and there is weekly live training with me or a guest expert on specialist topics. Live videos are saved into the group and are available to watch on replay at any time.

    Workbooks, Ebooks, Resources and Templates are all available 24/7 in the members area which you will have a unique username and password for so you can access whenever and wherever you are. We notify you in the group when there is new content loaded into the members area too.

    Amazing question!! There is so much in the group that it would be easy to feel overwhelmed and not knowing where to start. The best thing to do is to make a plan about what you really want to focus on first and then find the relevant training in the group. The group is really flexible - there is no pressure to "keep up" with content - you can invest as much time as you have with no feeling of "falling behind" as the training is always available (I dont archive or delete content).