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If you have been wondering what the best words to have on your website are, have been looking to actually understand keywords and how they work from an SEO perspective, or simply want to brush up your skills on how to tackle keywords for your small business; then this is the guide for you. 

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how to add keywords to your content for SEO
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  • What are keywords? Why do you need them in your content?
  • What do keywords have to do with your ideal client? 
  • The hierarchy of keywords
  • Worked examples of short tail keywords versus niche long tail keywords
  • How to research keywords for your business using my unique MRM system
  • Where you can place keywords in your content in your website to get it seen by your ideal client.
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Pamela Rae-Welsh Online Visibility Specialist

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I'm on a mission - I want to help small businesses with getting their website seen by their ideal clients, and most importantly converting to sales. Since 2018 I have been able to help hundreds of businesses with their SEO and overall online visibility, and this keyword resource is just one of the tools that I want to share with you. 

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