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AngeB Designs

Bold contemporary handmade silver jewellery inspired by architectural and geometric forms.

Committed to creating modern statement jewellery pieces that you’ll want to keep forever.  The emphasis of the brand is on producing high quality over quantity - beautiful handmade silver jewellery made with minimal waste and recycling solid silver where possible.

Every piece of jewellery is made by hand, in keeping with the ethical ethos of the brand. This also adds to the unique nature of handmade, where no two pieces are ever the same.

AngeBDesigns also provides a custom making service, where I can help you bring your own designs to life!

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      Iris Dares Designs

      At Iris Dares we are passionate about girls being girls. That being feminine does not mean you are not powerful, clever and capable.

      We want girls to dress for THEM, to be fabulous for the wedding,  the party - or just a trip to the supermarket. Affordably!

      Our designs are all selected with comfort and style in mind; we are Mums ourselves and know all too well the pain of trying to find fabulous girls' fashion which your kids actually want to wear! 

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      "The joy of dressing is an art" JOHN GALLIANO

      Pip & Bindle

      At Pip & Bindle we love celebrating bright bold colours and eye-catching patterns with luxury handmade purses, bags, jewellery rolls and more.

      Super stylish yet functional too and each one made individually with love to ensure the highest quality finish. Personalised with an affirmation, a phrase, a name or initials with elegant embroidery making them super lovely to keep and treasure or to gift to someone special.

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          ZigZag & Zoom

          All feet deserve pretty shoes!

          We offer a unique customising service. Our service allows you to send in your shoes, shoes that are comfortable for you, in heel heights that you know you can walk in.  We are able to personalise them as you need, using various materials – Tartan, Tweed, Fabrics, Lace, Pearls, Crystals, Glitter, Ribbons, Dyes, Paints and other embellishments to make your dream pair of comfortable stunning shoes a reality.

          So if you are looking for quality custom designed shoes for that special occasion then look no further.

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