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AngeB Designs

Bold contemporary handmade silver jewellery inspired by architectural and geometric forms.

Committed to creating modern statement jewellery pieces that you’ll want to keep forever.  The emphasis of the brand is on producing high quality over quantity - beautiful handmade silver jewellery made with minimal waste and recycling solid silver where possible.

Every piece of jewellery is made by hand, in keeping with the ethical ethos of the brand. This also adds to the unique nature of handmade, where no two pieces are ever the same.

AngeBDesigns also provides a custom making service, where I can help you bring your own designs to life!

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    "Beauty is who you are... Jewellery is the icing on the cake" ALLIE & ME

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      Bello Creations Jewellery

      At Bello Creations, the ultimate satisfaction lies in creating jewellery that celebrates true beauty. With a stylish and contemporary elegance, pieces are designed to evoke the wearer’s inner confidence and unique style. 

      With the design ethos of “Making a statement with simplicity” Bello Creations  jewellery designs capture the essence of natural beauty through the skilled use of smooth and fluid lines, sleek forms, patterns, colour and reflections to create  original, timeless and sophisticated jewellery pieces.

      Every piece of fine jewellery has been hand-crafted in Sterling Silver or Gold and playfully integrates semi-precious stones to add a hint of colours.

      Bello Creations offer bespoke  or personalised jewellery services , Whether a present for a loved one  or a special occasion.

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      Jewelled Buddha

      Jewelled Buddha is the home of Indian inspired ethical clothing and lifestyle.  Our aesthetic is around relaxed silhouettes, indulgent textiles and beautiful designs that are stylish and versatile. Made entirely by hand, our collections are handmade using upcycled or handloomed fabrics that take you on a journey of the rich artisanal heritage of India. From the bustling bazaars of Indian cities, the artisanal heartlands of the West to the arid deserts of Rajasthan, our designs showcase enchanting age-old crafts and champion stories of artisans.

      Committed to social responsibliity, we work with social enterprises, NGO's and social brands that share our respect for people and the planet. We only work with social businesses who have a strong sense of integrity and transparency in their fair-trade practices, womens's empowerment programmes and environmental impact. 

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        "The joy of dressing is an art" JOHN GALLIANO