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    Abi Rogers - The Six Figure Confidence Coach

    I help exceptional women in business develop an exceptional mindset so they can achieve whatever they want and show up with confidence every day - whether that's 6 figures, 600 followers or getting those first 6 Facebook lives under your belt!

    I combine coaching and hypnotherapy to create powerful change on a subconscious level, helping you overcome those limitations you didn't even know you had.

    Check out my free Facebook group Master Your Mindset for Business Success or drop me a message if you'd like to chat.

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    B2C Digital

    Hello, I’m Kate a Facebook & Instagram Ads Strategist. I help businesses create connections with their perfect customers; to grow their brand and increase their sales. 

    After 20+ years of running profitable start-up businesses, I have been exposed to the pressures faced by most SMEs and can assure you that I value every penny of your budget. I invest in ongoing training to ensure that together we can take advantage of the cost effective and highly targeted advertising that is available with paid social media ads.

    I offer a range of services from ‘done for you’, to ‘done with you’ and training.

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        Cool Crochet Society

        The Cool Crochet Society is a one stop place for all things crochet. I love to show you how simple crochet can be and what a truly relaxing hobby you have chosen. 

        We have full picture tutorials in the stitch vault filled with different crochet stitches for you to try. Crochet alongs filled with lots of different stitches and techniques with videos and full support to challenge yourself. Crochet patterns and tips on my blog to take your crochet to the next level and make things as easy and stress free as possible.

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        "Don't be afraid of the solitude that comes with raising your standards"


        Glittering Copy

        Are your website words embarrassing? Your launch copy failing to take off?

        Have you abandoned your flop of a sales funnel because it’s only attracting dust?

        Then don’t worry, I’m here to help!

        I’m Anita Faulkner – story-led copywriter and creator of magnetic content.

        I take the pressure off busy coaches and creatives by writing the words for you – in your own, authentic voice. Words that captivate your perfect clients. Words that create real connection. And of course, words that convert into those game-changing sales.

        So if you’re ready to grow your business with the power of outstanding copy, let’s chat.

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            Laura B Empowered Words

            After years of working in the corporate world creating documents, procedures, and presentations for high level clients I decided it was time to pursue my passion.

            I am now the proud author/co-author of 7 books, all of which are available on Amazon and help to showcase my writing skills.

            My passion is creating written content that allows you to connect with your audience on a deeper level, whilst keeping you free for the parts of your business you truly love. I can create everything from press releases, to social media content, to blog posts, to business procedures and handbooks. I can even proofread and copyedit if you already have content.

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            Mira Demeter Photography

            I’m a Personal Branding, Headshots and a Product Photographer, based in North London - Enfield - but happy to travel further afield.

            If you are looking to upgrade your images - Personal or Product’s - Now it’s perfect time to do it. 

            We will discuss your needs - what type of photos do you require & the colour schemes, do you need some fresh content on all social media, being it Instagram, LinkedIn and similar? 

            Message me to talk!

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                Rebecca Robertson Evo

                If you are in need of support with your financial planning and looking towards your future, then taking a look at the available options to work with Rebecca Robertson are the way forward. Female Wealth Creation Coach for successful corporate women and female entrepreneurs, Rebecca specialises in supporting women to create the financial future of their dreams.

                From free guides to support your money mindset, to online programmes and 1-2-1 mentoring, Rebecca has a suite of resources to support you with gaining control over your finances and planning for a stress free future.

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                Senara's Sister Hypnotherapy

                Helen is a Solution-Focused Hypnotherapist specialising in Women's wellbeing. Helen is the founder of Senara’s Sister Hypnotherapy. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in maternal mental health. Helen has supported many women through her career. Helen has been able to support women through pregnancy to motherhood, to find their inner passions and strengths.

                Helen uses a warm, and positive approach with a combination of talking therapy and hypnosis. Helen creates a safe tranquil space for women, and to empower them to start to enjoy their life again. Helen now offers one to one sessions online and running successful relaxation groups for women.

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                  "You'll never go broke by investing in yourself!"


                  The Retail Business Hub

                  With so many people going into entrepreneurship every year either through lifestyle choice or unemployment and with the online market platform being so noisy and so overcrowded - I'm on a mission to help you change the way you operate your small retail business and set the foundations in place ready to scale up the right way. 

                  I’m Ami,  passionate about product and even more passionate about helping small product businesses achieve their goals and ambitions. The hub is for anyone involved in creating, sourcing, designing and retailing product, it will be the place to meet, grow and collaborate. My own superpowers lie in the areas of building product strategies, product development and sourcing, costing and negotiation and pitching your product to retailers. Through The Retail Business Hub I show productpreneurs® exactly how to Start Strong, Build Big and Scale up with the big business skills to do it!

                  If you’d like some support with your product retail business, then feel free to explore our mini courses and coaching packages.

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                    Shelley Bosworth Coaching

                    Doesn’t it just feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day, everyone and everything is higher up the list than you, and you know something needs to change?

                    I am Shelley Bosworth Coaching, a qualified Personal Performance Life & Mindset Coach and I believe that with the right mindset every one of us can be, do or have  ‘more’ in our lives, whatever our more is.

                    I support and guide women to move from where they are now, to where they want to be. I help them take back control of their busy life, to put themselves back on the list to start moving forward, breaking down what they really want in life, what’s really stopping them, and to get really clear on how to take action to make changes and love life again ….. guilt free and confidently.

                    The thing is, so often when we’re thinking about what we really want in life, we put limits on it before we even begin. “It’s not realistic”, “We can’t afford it”, “It’s just a dream”., “I could never”  So, if you hear yourself or a friend frustratingly say “I’m so fed up, I wish I could ….. I just want more but …..  thats where I come in.

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                    SMH Trailer Training

                    The "One-Stop Shop" for all your car & trailer B+E towing licence needs in Kent.  With over 30 years of towing and training expertise, we know exactly what it takes for you to pass your trailer test. 

                    Whether you're a private individual or a business with one or multiple drivers needing a B+E licence, we're here to help you.  Exclusive 1:1 training and shared (2:1) courses available throughout the year.  Our qualified instructors not only thoroughly prepare you for your B+E test, but also help you develop valuable skills to tow confidently after your test.  We also provide trailer handling and towing assessment courses.

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                    • Trailer Towing Test Pass in Kent
                    • Trailer Handling Courses

                      Shutterme Photography

                      Hi, I'm Sara-Jane, a professional headshot and brand photographer from South London. I help small businesses and entrepreneurs to connect with their ideal client, strengthen their online brand presence and grow their business, by telling the story of their brand through authentic images full of personality.

                      ShutterMe Photography provides businesses with a portfolio of beautiful-on brand images which they can use for all their marketing needs, saving them the time and stress of knowing what to post and helping them to build the business of their dreams.

                      Are you ready for your clients to fall in love with your brand?

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                          T21 Hub

                          T21Hub was set up to raise awareness of Down Syndrome and dispel outdated stereotypes. By sharing my families journey with Ellie, I hope it will help you to see that Down Syndrome is simply a genetic condition which affects a persons learning ability and personal physical features. 

                          Today many people are living inspiring lives and these are shared to inspire others. 

                          Creating and promoting accessible activities can also help you to see what's available in your area

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