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Iris Dares Designs

At Iris Dares we are passionate about girls being girls. That being feminine does not mean you are not powerful, clever and capable.

We want girls to dress for THEM, to be fabulous for the wedding,  the party - or just a trip to the supermarket. Affordably!

Our designs are all selected with comfort and style in mind; we are Mums ourselves and know all too well the pain of trying to find fabulous girls' fashion which your kids actually want to wear! 

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      Pom Pom

      PomPom is a trail blazing website for unusual plastic free designs for children. Our expert eye and design-led approach will introduce you to imaginative toys, stylish interior design and charming furniture - all plastic free! 

      From hand knotted rugs to hand painted mugs, from baskets for toys to glitter for boys. Plastic has a devastating effect on the environment, yet it has permeated every
 part of our lives. 

      To find good looking and long-lasting plastic free options takes effort, energy and time. It requires planning, preparation and thought. The world is too busy and yet we want to do the Right Thing.

      Enter PomPom. We have done the research to make the plastic free choice convenient without compromising on design, quality or fun.

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