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Mindset over mindset?

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Mindset over mindset?

I think we all believe that we have a mindset that puts the goals of our business at the forefront of our decision making. We slog at making the product perfect and the service refined, and spend hours marketing ourselves across the various channels we have at our disposal.

We put a determination in to succeed that is lauded by our peers, our families and our friends (I just don’t know how you do it!). This mindset of ploughing on and sailing through the headwind is what we call resilience and entrepreneurial grit. When in fact it may be damaging the potential of our businesses more than aiding it.

Think about the last time you sat with a blank piece of paper and did a review of your goals and where you are in achieving them. When you honestly audited your own performance and looked at how much effort and focus you are giving to the tasks which will support the achievement of your goals and how much time you are doing to “easier” of more accessible tasks. 

If we looked to review our mindset as often as we look to review our product or service offer, and challenge the predetermined patterns of behaviour then yes it may be uncomfortable (no one likes an argument with themselves) but the resulting adjustment of focus and priorities may propel you to growth much faster than by simply continuing with the “I’m working my arse off” mentality.

I am often messaged by clients telling me they want to get their ranking higher on search engines and to get a page one slot on google. I ask them how much time they invest in their SEO and online visibility and I typically get one of three four letter words... “I just don’t have time” “I don’t know what I’m doing” “I’m only free for such a short space of time”. When you use the words only, just and don’t then you are already imposing a self limiting belief on your ability to get that elusive ranking but you are also in conflict with your mindset.

With any of the goals you want to achieve with your business and personally make a reality you have to take regular stock - not just of your performance but also of your mindset to see if you are positioning yourself accordingly. 

When last did you do a reset?

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