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  1. Choosing a branding stylist that’s right for your business can be such a minefield - you’ve taken the massive decision to think about investing in the aesthetics for your business and now face the daunting task of finding someone that can translate your vision into a reality. What should you look for in the search to find the right fit? Here’s a few pointers to help you with the decision making process..

    1. What are you actually looking for?

    Branding is nothing to do with physical products and everything to do with the concept and vision for your business. When choosing who to help you with creating your branding story you want to make sure that you find someone that can help you to map out the vision and create a strategy that supports your goals - not just create you a pretty logo or some nice business cards.

    2. What styles do you like and who created them...

    Everyone has brands that they love and are inspired by. Finding a particular style and then researching branding houses which create stories which are in that style is a good way of researching potential matches - but it’s worthwhile noting that an aesthetic fit doesn’t mean a personality fit, which leads to the next pointer...

    3. Have a chat!

    Finding a branding stylist that gets you and what you are about is so important. You will not create the right result with someone who you can’t get along with, or feel comfortable enough to challenge and be yourself with. That is the key to nailing a branding design - truly collaborating to bring to life your story and give it the voice to engage your ideal audience. 

    If a designer wants money upfront or offers off the shelf options - consider whether this designer will actually create a bespoke solution for you...

    4. Don’t be fooled...

    There are a lot of adverts that claim to “boost your business to 6 figures” and offer various trainings around branding and how it can drive income. It is true that your brand attracts your customers and therefore having the right identity can really drive your business, but please be wary of get rich quick schemes and training programmes when the agency or business isn’t qualified to help. Ask them for their credentials and look for testimonials to check out their work. 

    5. Go with your heart, or gut, or head - whichever speaks loudest!

    Investing in a true branding identity process is one of the biggest inputs you can put into your business and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Take your time and select someone that understands you and gives you faith and trust that they will support you on your journey. Good isn’t always cheap and cheap isn’t always good - if you find the right person but can’t afford them straight away why not wait to get the right result rather than compromising to get something quick? If you compromise and get a result you don’t love, you’ll end up spending double. 

    Why choose Worsley Creative?

    To be honest - we are honest! We work with you to understand your venture and your vision and then collaborate on the overall aesthetic and voice of your business. We don’t want to create anything which isn’t representative of your goals and we don’t want to coerce or influence you away from your heart. 

    We provide clear and transparent advice and work with a process which involves you along the way - from creating inspirational mood boards to designing messages which will speak to your audience, every step of the way we get you involved so that you feel like you’ve crafted your brand yourself - which you have!

    Get in touch for an informal chat about how we can help you to design the voice and story of your business! 


  2. Our 2019 goal is to introduce a series of blogs, from our own team and from specially selected guests to bring to life various aspects of the Creative world. 

    Our first blog comes from the team at Marketing Voice: 

    The Value of Branding for Small Businesses

    What is the first thing that comes to your mind when the topic of branding is discussed? Do you think branding is only for large businesses? Is branding only associated with pumping obscene amounts of money into advertising?

    With the coming of age and the rise of digital businesses, customers are spoiled for choices. From buying a bed sheet to furniture for the whole house, and from picking a pair of slippers to office shoes, there are plenty of examples to go through.

    Still, new businesses come through and gain a space in the highly competitive market. And the ones that don’t, probably 90% of them, are forgotten because there is nothing to associate them with.

    If your whole business idea is to produce something at a cheaper price, welcome to the race to the ground.

    (If you are trying to create a competitive advantage based on price, there is only one place per industry in the market for a cost leader. For example, there is only one Ryanair orSouthWest airline depending on where you are from. If you go any cheaper, you price yourself out of the market and people consider you too cheap to be of any quality).

    Do Something Different

    No matter what you do, there is potential in the market. The one catch - how you put your name out.

    In other words, Branding.

    We are often asked what is branding. Is it the logo? Is it implicitly stating the value for your customers? Is it the doctrine that you want your employees to follow?

    The simple answer is, branding is all of this and beyond.

    A brand is the coming together of people’s perception about a company and it can include

    • The way customers are taken care of
    • The reputation of a business
    • The advertising techniques
    • And the simplest ingredient - visual representation - including the logo and any other form of imagery

    What is the Result of Branding

    We spent some time building up the topic and reassuring that we understand why you are here. Branding, sometimes, sounds like an extra that your business can survive without. But, let’s be clear, you don’t want your business just to be another entity providing a product or a service. You want your business to be recognisable. So,

    1. Brand makes your business recognisable and memorable

    Research suggests that customers come across a business, on average, 7 times before making a purchase. Those 7 times don’t magically happen. Current and potential customers have come to you because they feel connected with what you are saying, before what you are selling.

    But, what happens when your message is consistent.

    2. Branding creates trust

    Trust is the most important ingredient for long-term relationships. Whether it's your personal life or an extension of it, i.e. business, people are only willing to spend their hard earned time and money on you if they trust you.

    As a result, you grow your business in terms of customers, but there is another effect internally.

    3. Branding inspires employees

    Once your business starts growing, your team starts growing. But, you do not want to hire for the sake of hiring. You want to hire people that believe in what you are saying.

    And, this is exactly what branding does. It attracts the right kind of people to join your team. They speak your language before even joining you. When that happens, you know that you are in the business for the long-haul.

    At Worsley Creative, they create branding campaigns that connect with the future growth of your business. Get in touch with them to find out how they can help you develop your brand and grow.

    This blog was made possible by the SEO services of  Marketing Voice